Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday--Continuing the Journey

Well, I am going to try to stick in my points again this week. I did pretty good last week. I used all but 7 of my flex points. I had a HUGE dinner on Sunday that used the majority of them. It was delicious though, and that is the benefit of having those points worked in there! That being said, I am proud of myself. I ALWAYS go crazy on weekends, and I really kept myself in check.

I am stuggling a little bit today. I am home with a sick baby. Poor little man. All I have eaten is a cup of cereal and a banana...oh, and Fiber One bar. I am having trouble keeping myself in check because I am having such a stressful day. Not only is the baby sick, but I am dealing with some financial struggles. I have A TON of student loans and am working on getting those caught up. (They got a bit behind during some medical issues I was having in the past.) On top of that, I applied for a car loan and was given a REDICULOUS interest rate for the loan itself. As a result, my husband nixed the whole purchase. I actually cried like a 2 year not to comfort myself with food. :-( Tough day, overall.

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