Friday, May 29, 2009

First Weigh In

I lost 3.9 lbs this week!!!! I am so excited. I just have to make sure I don't blow it over the weekend. I am even thinking about going running so that I can have 2 glasses of wine tonight without tapping into my 35 flex points. (Save those for a big dinner on Sunday.) Not that I SHOULDN'T run, but my ankle is a little sore. (I really need to get new sneakers!)

It is so exciting to see all of this work amount to something. I am scared about the weekend though. I tend to splurge a lot (too much) on weekends. I am going to REALLY try not to this time...wish me luck!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 2--Day 2

I did pretty good today, but not great. I used EXACTLY my 25 points. I didn't go over points at all (that is the good part), but I didn't work out today either. Plus, I had a fajita for lunch, which equaled a good chunk of my points, so I had a pretty light dinner. So, that was the not great part. Even though the fajita was DELICIOUS, it made me a little hungry the rest of the day because I had to eat so little.

Breakfast was an apple & coffee. Lunch was the delicious fajita. Then dinner was a chicken covered in crushed tomatoes and a half a cup of whole wheat pasta. The other good news is that I did drink a ton of water today!!!

And I didn't skip working out because of laziness, I was car shopping and just finished up about 8 pm. So, I still have to shower and get a bunch of stuff done for tomorrow. Even though I stayed within points, I feel better about my diet when I eat healthier stuff because I can eat more and more often.

Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity for better choices!

Week 2--Day 1

I did really good today! I am proud of myself. I stayed witing points (ate 24 of my 25) and drank a ton of water. (I didn't experiance the hunger I struggled with last week either.) On top of that, I ran 2 miles!!! Feeling off to good start.....a much needed success after my horrible week last week!! :-) Let's hope the next week goes just as well!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Week One

I know it may seem like I abandoned my blog recently. Well, let's just say that Week One was NOT a success. :-( I did pretty well the first couple days, but then I went to a Japanese restaurant on Wednesday and it all went down hill from there. We have already had 3 BBQ's this holiday weekend, and I am headed out to another one today!

I lost 2.5 lbs the first few days, then I weighed myself today and it is all back on!!! UGH! I mean, no one to blame but myself. I love WW and I have seen this week that when I do stick to it, it will work...the only thing I am struggling with is the whole "It's a lifestyle" thing. Because if you have an event, like a BBQ, there isn't much you can eat to stay in points. Plus, the flex points add up QUICKLY! Oh well. This week I am going to give it another go.

A woman I work with told me she does a water clense every Monday. She eats only 5 apples ALL day, and then drinks water the rest of the day She says it's healthy because it isn't everyday, just the once a week. The fiber from the skin of the apples helps clean out her system and the water helps clean out toxins. She said it also helps jump start her diet. I am considering giving it a try and doing ww the remaunder of the week. They say that 1 lb of fat=1500 to cut out that many a week. This would accomplish that, but I am worried it is unhealthy? Did some researh, and it doesn't seem to be.....Any thoughts on this?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day Three---Disaster

D for Disaster...I did pretty good most of the day...stayed on point, but then I went out to dinner at a Japanese Restaurant and TOTALLY blew it! I mean, I guess I didn't do TOO bad. I only ate 1/2 my chicken teriyaki, but I did eat all of my rice. According to the website, I only went over 9 points our so, but I learned a lesson......for me, eating out = disaster! On top of that, I got home so late that I didn't work out today! Ugh, well...nothing to do but chalk today up as a loss and move on! :-(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day Two!

Well, today was a bit of a struggle again...not because I was hungry though. I woke up with an upset stomach which eventually led me to taking 4 Immodium tablets. (Not all at once, of course....throughout the day.) What could be causing my stomach to be this way??? Too much fiber?? Anyone else struggle with this when they're dieting?

On a positive note, I did a little better about getting my water in today. (I at least met my 6-8oz. goal.) Plus, I pretty much met my points goal! However, even though I didn't go over points, I am not very proud with a couple of my choices. (i.e. candy & hashbrowns!) Here is a condensed version of what I ate:

Breakfast (7.5 points):

WW Wheat English Muffin with Simply Fruit Jam

Hard Boild Egg

Coffee with FF French Vanilla Creamer

Lunch (1.5 points):

Carrots and Cucumbers

Turkey (.5 oz)

1 piece of peppermint leaf candy

Snack: Banana (2 points)

Snack (6 points): Apple...then on my way home stopped at dunkin donuts to get and iced

coffee with skim milk and splenda....(only 1 point) and proceeded to cave

and get an order of hashbrowns! (4 points)

Gym: 20 mins of jogging on treadmill.....20 mins of weights

Dinner (6 points): Chicken Breast with BBQ sauce, and 1 cup of corn

Dessert: WW cookie (1 point)

Bringing my grand total to 24 points!!!! I ate almost all my points!!! I am psyched. Only 1 extra point! I did break the "only weigh yourself once a week" rule, and weighed myself at the gym tonight. According to the scale, I already lost 2.5 lbs! However, I don't want to get too excited because I know that we can fluctuate a couple lbs and it is primarily water weight, but it still feels good to see it go down! I am really going to try to stay off it until Friday now though! lol...anyone else scale obsessed???

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day One

Well, Day 1 has been more difficult than I thought it would be. I am so hungry, tired, and miserable. I know that it is because I am used to eating MORE food and food that isn't that healthy, but I can't shake this blah feeling! The beginning is always hard for me when it comes to "dieting". I had a hard time making sure to get in enough water today too. I had a crazy busy day at work and it was nearly impossible to be drinking as often as I should be. However, tomorrow should be a much more normal day at work, so hopefully that will make a difference.

I weighed myself this morning and I was exactly 170 lbs. :-( At least it is a nice even starting point. I am starting a workout routine today too that will include 5 days of cardio and 3 days of weights...2 days off. I will be running for 1.5 miles today. (Okay, maybe running is an exaggeration...I will be jogging!)

I think I did okay food wise today though.... (If you aren't doing weight watchers, please ignore the "points" listing next to each food. :)

Breakfast: Coffee with creamer (3 points--yikes!)

WW English Muffin (1pt)

Simply Fruit Strawberry Jam (1.5 pt)

Lunch: . 5 oz of fat free turkey meat (1 point)

Carrots & Cucumbers (0 points)

Tea & Honey (1 point)

Snack: Apple (1 point)

Fiber One Peanut Butter Bar (3 points)

DinnerTime: Nibbling on Son's Dinner (3 points)---I plan to eat my dinner after the gym.

My planned dinner: (Chicken breast (3 points) with green beans (0 points)---ww cookie for dessert (1 point)

That should leave me approximately 6 points that I didn't use---maybe I will add one more thing to my daytime food to keep away the hunger away and make sure I use the points....

(I will also be earning 3 points during my run, but those can be added to your 35 flex points that you get each week to use when eating out...)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well ladies, I officially joined Weight Watchers online! I get 25 points a day. Plus I get the 35 flex points a week. Now here is my question, if each point averages APPROXIMATELY 50 calories, am I really only eating 1250 calories a day?? Does this seem like enough? I mean, I am a teacher, so I am constantly on my feet and bopping around. (Clearly not enough to lose the weight in and of itslef! lol) Well, they know better than me and lots of people have lost on it, so enough of the questioning.....I just worry about being hungry. I'm so excited! I am not OFFICIALLY starting until Monday, but I am going to practice tomorrow and Sunday. I am going to track everything I eat just to see what I am naturally bringing in each day. (This might be distrubing! lol.

I've gotta say...I am so glad that we are doing this together. I think it is really going to help me to talk to you ladies about it. Thanks for the support. :) I'm EXCITED! The WW website was a little overwhelming though. So much info, I was kind of confused. I am also already 2 glasses of wine in the hole, so I just signed off and figured I'd navigate it more tomorrow!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Started

Hello my fellow IAP bloggers! We have all been talking about losing this pregnancy weight once and for all, so let's motivate each other and do it together!

I am starting this journey at 170 lbs (size 10-12) I am going to weigh myself every Friday and blog about it. I will also blog during the week about my struggles/successes! Who's with me!