Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 2--Day 1

I did really good today! I am proud of myself. I stayed witing points (ate 24 of my 25) and drank a ton of water. (I didn't experiance the hunger I struggled with last week either.) On top of that, I ran 2 miles!!! Feeling off to good start.....a much needed success after my horrible week last week!! :-) Let's hope the next week goes just as well!!


  1. Great Job, sounds like you did well! Running is great isn't it? I'm completely addicted to running, I run almost every day and am running in my first 5K on Saturday! Did practice runs all week and have been getting faster and faster!!

  2. That's great njdevchick! I would love to get good enough to run a 5k!I love running too! Although, I think I need to get some new sneakers. My ankles have been killing me lately. It is by far the best workout though.