Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 2--Day 2

I did pretty good today, but not great. I used EXACTLY my 25 points. I didn't go over points at all (that is the good part), but I didn't work out today either. Plus, I had a fajita for lunch, which equaled a good chunk of my points, so I had a pretty light dinner. So, that was the not great part. Even though the fajita was DELICIOUS, it made me a little hungry the rest of the day because I had to eat so little.

Breakfast was an apple & coffee. Lunch was the delicious fajita. Then dinner was a chicken covered in crushed tomatoes and a half a cup of whole wheat pasta. The other good news is that I did drink a ton of water today!!!

And I didn't skip working out because of laziness, I was car shopping and just finished up about 8 pm. So, I still have to shower and get a bunch of stuff done for tomorrow. Even though I stayed within points, I feel better about my diet when I eat healthier stuff because I can eat more and more often.

Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity for better choices!

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