Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day Two!

Well, today was a bit of a struggle again...not because I was hungry though. I woke up with an upset stomach which eventually led me to taking 4 Immodium tablets. (Not all at once, of course....throughout the day.) What could be causing my stomach to be this way??? Too much fiber?? Anyone else struggle with this when they're dieting?

On a positive note, I did a little better about getting my water in today. (I at least met my 6-8oz. goal.) Plus, I pretty much met my points goal! However, even though I didn't go over points, I am not very proud with a couple of my choices. (i.e. candy & hashbrowns!) Here is a condensed version of what I ate:

Breakfast (7.5 points):

WW Wheat English Muffin with Simply Fruit Jam

Hard Boild Egg

Coffee with FF French Vanilla Creamer

Lunch (1.5 points):

Carrots and Cucumbers

Turkey (.5 oz)

1 piece of peppermint leaf candy

Snack: Banana (2 points)

Snack (6 points): Apple...then on my way home stopped at dunkin donuts to get and iced

coffee with skim milk and splenda....(only 1 point) and proceeded to cave

and get an order of hashbrowns! (4 points)

Gym: 20 mins of jogging on treadmill.....20 mins of weights

Dinner (6 points): Chicken Breast with BBQ sauce, and 1 cup of corn

Dessert: WW cookie (1 point)

Bringing my grand total to 24 points!!!! I ate almost all my points!!! I am psyched. Only 1 extra point! I did break the "only weigh yourself once a week" rule, and weighed myself at the gym tonight. According to the scale, I already lost 2.5 lbs! However, I don't want to get too excited because I know that we can fluctuate a couple lbs and it is primarily water weight, but it still feels good to see it go down! I am really going to try to stay off it until Friday now though! lol...anyone else scale obsessed???


  1. Let me please correct my weight. I thought 68kg is 147pounds but it's actually 150 pounds. Am not good with pounds coz in the country I live we used Kgs. LOL Heather..that's a good even number too for me to begin with.

  2. Heather, I don't have a scale but am obsessed too. I always weigh myself every time I go to the mall. Congrats on losing 2.5pounds. Well done.

  3. Thank you! I know it's just water weight, but it still feels good to go down. And 150 is my first goal! lol That'll be a 20 lbs loss. (I am hopingby mid-July.)

  4. Hi Heather, I was so worn out this afternoon. I almost didn't go on the bike. But I psyched myself up and managed 20minutes. I can't wait for us to report a weight loss. It seems a bit quite in here. Let me post something on the 3month page at IAP to see if we can get more people on board.

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